Go4 player needed/NA/PS4

ScarilyhotssonScarilyhotsson Posts: 10Member Rookie
We are looking for a 5th man to our GO4 team, The Deadly Sinners, Mic is required obvs, you will not be a sub as we like to keeo a solid single team and if you show competency you will play every week, we play at a plat 3 and higher level in NA and plat 2 or higher in EU, obviously 18+ and able to be humble, we understand everyone thinks they are the best but this is a team and unless you ace every round we won't bow down to your every desire. That said all welcome to try out message me @ Scarilyhot (vice Captain) or our Captain MrKiwi702 on psn we are on pretty much 7 days a week and are very friendly just say you want to try out and we'll give you a shot.
See you in game


  • Kaliph-AuraKaliph-Aura Posts: 4Member One post wonder
    Hey man, my psn is Kaliph-Aura. I'm interested in joining your esl team
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