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Looming to start something with people to do tournaments for esl

izzyizzy Posts: 25Member Rookie
Send me and party inv or and msg on Xbox live at GT damnyouizzy this is new team so if we happen to get this going then we will set times for everyone to ge Tom and what not


  • Empire of magicEmpire of magic Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Hey bro I’m just looking to join any team. I dont care about rank or anything, just looking to try the Go4s out. I don’t care if we lose or anything, just looking to try something new cuz ranks getting boring lol. If you are down, send me a message on xbox l Z PeKs l or u can do it here aswell
  • izzyizzy Posts: 25Member Rookie
    When can I get on for some game time?
  • izzyizzy Posts: 25Member Rookie
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