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ESL Wire problem -> Transmitting data taking FOREVER

PandamousPandamous Member Posts: 2 Rookie
So, I hope here is some people who are able to help me with my ESL Wire.

My issue with ESL Wire is, that its transmitting data forever, like 20-30minutes just to open the game. I have ONCE managed to open the game thru ESL Wire, after that transmitting data takes too like 20ish minutes. There is no error windows popping up during any session.

So, what I have tried to solve the problem?
- I have installed Windows 10 Pro 64-bit completely again
- I have uninstalled Siege twice and ESL Wire almost 15 times
- I have installed and run ESL Wire with Admin rights
- I have set firewalls (Windows defender and Network) offline
- I have made speedtest while transmitting data, its 90download and 15upload so its not up to it
- I have been contacting to ESL support, admin even checked my ESL Wire via TeamViewer and told me he is going to take the case to developers, but still after 1,5weeks no answer from them. He didnt know the issue

I did have ESL Wire with my old parts and working fine, but I upgraded my whole computer and after that not transmitting data (well, it is transmitting it, but gets stuck in 44, 66, 74 and 82)

PLEASE help me, I have been trying to solve the problem for THREE WEEKS now.


  • PandamousPandamous Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Got it working, OMG! 3 week struggle is GONE
  • dragondragon Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    but how?????
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