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High Team looking for Players ( Prefer Germans but non germans are also good :D )

realLarreNrealLarreN Posts: 67Member Aspirant
ORGLESS ( ex transact ) is looking for some german speaking players to fill out the line up : the goal is to reach atleast place 5-8 in Europe. If you are not germany or german speaking its not a problem. Just message me. If we do not find some good germans then we are going to switch over to become a full EU Team.

Steam :


  • CyanisterCyanister Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Guten Tag,

    I am Cyanister founder of Team Flux and I saw you were looking to compete with a team in Black Squad we are actually wanting to develop a team to compete and if you are interested would love to get you on board and compete as players of Team Flux... What would we do well first of all. We would focus on recruitment and let you focus on developing and improving your game. Scrims would be organised by us..... With qualifiers soon we would aim to get you to the highest level of play and be with you through the entire process. :smile: If you are interested please do send me an email [email protected] it would be great to have a chat.
  • psYShoXpsYShoX Posts: 124Member Ambassador

    Prefer Germans but non germans are also good :D )

    net dein ernst oder
  • XonicXonic Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Hi I'm Dennis 27 years old from Hannover.I'm looking for a long time a good team with because I can participate in tournaments and cups. I already play a long time shooter and was already active in the esl I would be glad about an answer.

    Mfg XoniC
  • TrDTrD Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Hi, im looking for a team, to participate at the Go4 cups, im not a beast in this game, but i got a lot of experience in FPS (many lans on CSGO, COD, BF). 

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