Nebula eSports Is Looking For Dedicated UK Players High Plat/Diamond, ESL Experience. [UK][PC]

Mentro.Mentro. Posts: 28Member Rookie
Nebula eSports is looking for 3 players to make a UK ESL team. we can provide team managers, coaching, and game analysis. we will have at least 3 scrims a week, along with at least 3 ESL games. All players must have exceptional game sense and communication along with a good amount of ESL experience. The main goal of the team is to work and improve together to play at the highest level possible. All players must be punctual, and give fair warning if they can't attend a game. Nebula eSports has a zero tolerance policy towards toxicity from any member, this includes toxic language and behavior towards team mates, whether that is other members of Nebula, other teams or other player in multiplayer games. this also include in game toxic behavior such as team killing, glitching, and of course cheating.

We are only looking for players who have lots of ESL experience,18+ who are looking to go to LAN in the future. If you would like to have the chance to trial for the team, DM me on discord: @Mentro#0108, with your r6tab and esl pages.
(If you are not from the UK but interested, you are welcome to still message me about joining the team)

Nebula would also appreciate members from other teams joining the Discord to become scrim partners with Nebula eSports, this will benefit all teams involved as practice scrims will be easier to arrange.
We are always looking for people who would like to coach, analyse or manage a team, DM me on discord :@Mentro#0108


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