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Go4R6 Age requierment

AceRapidGamerAceRapidGamer Posts: 1Member One post wonder
 I have been playing Rainbow six for a good amount of time know and i want to play in the Go4R6 tournament but the age requirement is 18 and i am only 14 i am wondering if there is any way i can still play, like if they would be able to sign something or say its ok for me to do this. I,m really passionate about this game and i would really like to become pro at this game one day and a pro steamer said the best way to start is by becoming noticed and one of those ways is by doing Go4R6 so please let there be a way.    also what is the punishment for playing under aged in Go4R6 just wondering for a friend (;   


  • CyanideCyanide Posts: 18Member Rookie
    If you play GO4 underage you and your team gets disqualified (as far as I know)
    You can still play in the open tournaments however
  • izzyizzy Posts: 25Member Rookie
    Not true!! I think u need someone who else is over the age of 21
  • SirMrDanySirMrDany Posts: 3Member Rookie
    You can play in 4 years time. You are not allowed to play until you are 18 in the EU go4's. There are some local go4's who allow a lower age, like Benelux allowing 16+. You are also allowed to play in any open tournement.
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