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Hey everyone

smartfartsmartfart Posts: 1Member
I'm completely new to everything about starcraft. I only played warcraft2 back in the day, but I guess that's completely irrelevant to this game and plays nowadays (check out my awesome rhyming skills, whaddup :)>- ) anyway hope to become a badass player one day. in the meantime I'll be sneaking around this forum, trying to catch up on things and possibly provide some useful info myself too. Heck, I might even start streaming! Jokes, jokes... Anyway, nice to meet ya. let's have some fun together


  • DemonESLDemonESL Posts: 9Member
    Please help and subscribe -> a lot of thx
  • RaygunedRayguned Posts: 3Member
  • PRIEGENSEPRIEGENSE Posts: 1Member One post wonder
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