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I lost a match i didn't even fought!

Samael_ToxicSamael_Toxic Posts: 2Member Rookie
At the PS4 ESL For Honor tournament, today sept. 29th i lost a match i did not even fought..
I was online early enough to sign in and "won" my first match atomatically because the first opponent wasnt even signt up. My secon match was set with a person from spain let's call him Dave. So my match with dave was set at 19:30 and i saw that dave was not online at that time. My friends said wait and if he did not show up 5min later i should contact support that hes not showing up. But he came online at 19:36 and accepted my friends request. Short moments later i get the invitation for the match but it failed to join. I wrote david and tried to join the event by myself and invite him and wrote the whole time with dave.
Few moments later i get the report that the match results are set. I contacted the support and received the answer that they could not chance match opponents. I checked my other mails and saw there was a report from dave i should answer. I shure did that, send a screenshot as well. But the results was set, i lost... But why? Is that even fair? I have a good connection and its the first time i could not join any match in for honor. I have screenshots and a video uploadet to youtube with the whole time and everything whats to see.
But i have the feeling no one actually cares about because there was no further respond from the support.
I did not know where i should ask for further explanation, thats the reason why i ask you here.
I have more screenshots and the video is uploading at the moment.
And by the way, dave lost his following match and was instant offline and i was there like john travolta waiting for the explanation train..
It was my first esl tournament so did i anything wrong?
Greetings from switzerland


  • Samael_ToxicSamael_Toxic Posts: 2Member Rookie
    By the way, my online ID is Samael_Toxic and dave's is Ivantxo93
    I comment the link of the video as soon as its uploaded.
    The picture shows a cut of the chat with dave
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