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NativeNative RookiePosts: 2Member Rookie
edited September 2018 in Recruitment
Any recruiters out there, I'm interested in joining a team for esports. Currently I'm a high diamond 2 in 3s but my highest rank was diamond 3 div 4. I'm highly active, I play just about everyday if its after school or work I'm aiming to be upon the greats. I've been playing rocket league for a year now and just starting to want to get into the competitive scene. I have a lot to learn still but its hard to do that if I'm always solo queuing games. Would love to be able to find some teammates who are trying to achieve the same goals so we all can work together to reach them. Please let me know!!!


  • FeidhlimRobertsFeidhlimRoberts Rookie Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Im Diamond 1 atm highest ive been is diamond 3 div 2 , i would like to get teammates aswell are you on ps4 ?

  • ShaD_inheritanceShaD_inheritance One post wonder Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    i’m diamond 2, on ps4 though, but if you have ps4 than hmu for sure, my psn is ShaD-inheritance
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