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LEADER-BOYLEADER-BOY Posts: 43Member Rookie
Hello, my name is Oliver Staub team captain in RKS Esports EU, we are looking for players, we are going to hold weekly trials, if our coach sees your potential, we will offer you a position in the main team, where you will have to show yourself, or you will be moved down to Sub Team. 

Player Requirements: 
-Able to handle Criticism 
-Non Toxic 
-Must have mic 
-Preferably experience with playing on ESL 
-Able to improve and be dedicated to learn 
-Active Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7 PM CEST, and almost all weekends 
-Age : 
-R6 stat(s) link: 
Extra info: 
-A brief summary about why you think you deserve a spot on our roster 
If Interested please send me a message at LEADER-BOY#2290 or here


  • YorkshireYorkshire Posts: 3Member Rookie
    -Age: 18
    -Nationality:  Norwegian
    -Rank: Hardstuck between Gold 1 - Platinum 3 border
    -Role: Support / Anchor
    -Hours: Approximately 1280 hours
    -Qualities: Non-toxic, encouraging, communicative, planner, friendly, motivated, seeking to improve
    -R6 stat(s) link: https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/Y0rkshire622 
    Extra info: 
     I think I deserve a spot on this team because I have the necessary skills for being a support player. I have extensive game knowledge, strategies to use, likes to rely on teamwork and on teammates. I believe that I am fit for your team not only becaues of those in-game skills but also because I am a quite friendly and communicative person. I like to do call-outs and discuss gameplan which would be benefical for the team.
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