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Looking to Build a community

StormDin0StormDin0 Posts: 66Member Aspirant
Hello, my name is StormDin0 and I am building a discord around highly competitive games I noticed how popular Heroes of the Storm is among the esport crowd so here I am promoting my discord. the idea is so it's a one-stop discord for all competitive games now it may seem like a bad idea but trust me its good as you only see the games you are interested in so instead of having to see every other game you just see the one you interested in not bad right. Here is the thing I'm also looking to build a Competitive team within smite as well I don't play personally no I am founding an esports org called Team Kaiju now you may ask why should we play for your org well its a choice you want to or you don't, I don't see the point in being negative on forums and people being rude as it gives gaming a bad rep. so if you would like to join an up and coming discord with like-minded competitive players than please join
Thank you
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