Decadence is recruiting 2 members!! (XBOX NA)

ViBeParalysisViBeParalysis Posts: 17Member Rookie
Decadence is back! We took a year break and we are back and better! We need 2 new members! We've been a top 5-10 team every tournament. We are looking for 2 new members that are RELIABLE, consistent, that can communicate and that can build chemistry with our team. Our team now consists of 3 diamond players who are very skill and dedicated. Message me on xbox, my GT is ViBe Paralysis for more details or tryouts!


  • FuZZyFuZZy Posts: 4Member Rookie
    I’m interested in this team
  • AutisticArkNerdAutisticArkNerd Posts: 8Member Rookie
    Im intrested GT-AutisticArkNerd
    I am a Bomb player and I play the oblective.
  • Captain TuckzCaptain Tuckz Posts: 5Member Rookie
    I would be interested in trying out my GT is Captain Tuckz
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