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Change it from BO3 to BO1 in the ''Sunday'' Cup.

KarsKars Posts: 3Member Rookie
So our sunday cup gets played on a saturday and most of the time goes into sunday.
And the cups matches take way too long because they're BO3.

I understand everyone that says a BO1 isn't optimal because it's unfair and people might get a lucky win..
But I mean, atleast make it a BO1 for the first or first two rounds, or maybe make the round win limit a different number then 8?

(I don't know if you were to put it to 5 rounds if you switch sides after 4, so maybe someone can answer that here.)

Personally I get really bored out and pissed when I need to wait for hours to play a game, it has happened 3/3 times i've played this cup so far.
I'd like to see it being changed to a BO1, thanks.

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