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New Gaming Community "Perfect By Nature" LFM for League of Legends!

JTF CronixJTF Cronix Posts: 3Member One post wonder
Hi there!

I've recently opened up a little community for gamers by gamers called "Perfect By Nature".
The initial idea is to have a chill/relaxed community to play games in a friendly atmosphere and expand your horizon by meeting new players in our environment.
Heavy flaming is forbidden (banter is allowed when both parties obviously enjoy it).
We are considering a competitive scene as well but for now the focus is to enjoy the games together and improve the activity heavy.
The Discord was a few weeks ago, we have set-up some bots and we'll continue to expand and develop the discord along the way.

Often asked question: What do we offer?
I'll list it as honest as I can.

A fun, growing & active (we do our best to get more people in) community
Active moderation
Events when we have people interested in such
An enjoyable environment with bots and channels/ranks for each game
We can hook you up with our network in the eSports scene for those interested in that area
Hopefully a place for you to meet new people
And maybe even discover new games? ;)
Our own Twitch Community, we also support streamers that are active in our community!
Main language: English
If you're interested, join the Discord below:
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