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Return of the War Rock section

NeroNero Posts: 45Member Rookie
Dear Troopers,

First of all, if you're voting YES or NO please write under the post and explain your vote.

A couple of months ago the War Rock section got closed because of inactivity. This happened because War Rock wasn't in a good state and there were some problems between the players and the ESL staff.

But now the new publisher of War Rock is doing much better. For example they got rid of overclock which was a huge issue in the past.

Over the last couple of weeks I've spoken with many old and new ESL players who would like to see War Rock return to ESL. If it would come back we've many suggestions to keep the section running.

Now the question is: 

Would you like to see War Rock on ESL again?

(This is mainly directed at all the War Rock players, if you don't play War Rock try it out :>)

Return of the War Rock section 77 votes

NerosyficzPhenomOOHHOHOHOHOHOHOCODE 002JHNIVNCZatomnizedO F FMedicalistBrolyberxwedanwaffelettenSectorDrudi02CasaSoftwarePreyBoikolgotskillz 73 votes
KeepitdeadNoqkiiSaraJonesGigabyte 4 votes


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