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Looking for Mixer Co-Streamer Tournament Player

RagePrince1RagePrince1 Member Posts: 46 Rookie
Thank you for taking a look at this post!
I am a growing streamer on Mixer with over 5,500 views started on 5/28/2018 and looking for a growing streamer for costreaming future ESL Tournaments. 

  • Must have a Mixer account
  • Over at least 2,000 views, with continuous traffic must hold at least (4-10) people a broadcast
  • At least 250 followers with growing numbers of followers
Must meet all three requirements because we are building an audience of our own when both co-streamers stream for ESL Tournaments. This helps both sides come together and build better numbers and bigger audience. Must be able to co-stream tournaments twice a month. If you are interested please message, thank you! I will send you a message to exchange the links of our channel. 
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