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Critical Ops On ESL!

KumaKuma Posts: 1Member One post wonder
The Mobile eSports scene is growing so fast and ESL Used to have a critical ops tournament every week. Now that there are plenty more organisations investing in critical ops it would be wise to add the critical ops tournaments back into ESL.


  • CitruCitru Posts: 181Member Ambassador
    Hello @Kuma ,

    If you would like to see Critical Ops in our roster, then you need to get like-minded people voting for it in this thread. It is the best way to let us know that it is something that our community would like to see.


  • InfinityX50zInfinityX50z Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I hope Critical ops will be back on ESL :(
  • C0ff33C0ff33 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    we need c ops on esl
  • SoRkASoRkA Posts: 1Member One post wonder
     i hope c-ops on esl. Pls put then

  • RishabRishab Posts: 7Member Rookie
    These all are correct
  • RishabRishab Posts: 7Member Rookie
    ESL please being critical ops back. In ESL and plz start tournament a of c ops a before I request u plz bring it that we can enjoy out favourite game and if u start critical ops tournament plz add my clan in it it's name is [YuNg]So I hope u do ....
  • RishabRishab Posts: 7Member Rookie
  • RishabRishab Posts: 7Member Rookie
    If u like these comment friends plz gimme me a like comment and a share
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