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Looking for +1, English speaking please

remagremag Posts: 10Member Rookie
Hi, we are looking for 1 english speaking player with 400+ adr.

Our goal is to compete at a high level and get into an org to play pubg at a top level, abit about the three players we have now.

Kingremag - played CSS and CSGO for years and have 3 lan events under my belt, currently got almost 700 hours of pubg played and abit of duo tournament experience within pubg finishing 6th overall.

TheRealBoBNoB - Played CSS and CSGO with me and attended the same lan events he has 5k hours on CSGO and 1.5k hours in pubg he has also competed in duo tournaments and had success with them.

Woodseyy - the same goes for woodsyy hes attended several lan events for CSGO and has alot of hours on pubg.

We all have played together for years and know how each other thinks etc, we have roles already planned out so all we need is one more guy who can be a fragger and good team player.

We are looking to play atleast 4 days a week with sunday also being practice tournament play, please take some time to reply here and well get some games together so you can see what im talking about by no way are we the best but we need a solid 4th to bump our squad game up that next level we have the mentality and the drive to be some of the best.


  • Jesus CruzJesus Cruz Posts: 6Member One post wonder
    hey do you still need one I've played in several Lans and competed in a GG leap tournament I have +500 hours and if you'd like to message me on steam my name is chefbear82 Im 19 and would be able to put in the hours
  • SinnerManSSinnerManS Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Hi ! Got 1,5k Hours in CS 1.6 + ESL Experience + ( private lan ). 
    CS GO 1,3K Hours + ESEA . 
    PUBG 900H + ( 2 Accounts )  C1 DUO FPP EU - #370 - 3 KD  /
    About me : Already got a few matches in ESL PUBG but of course with the wrong team. I was the CO-Captain of my team but it just didn't work.
    I want to take this game serious to another lvl with the right people to work our way out on top. 

    19 y 

    STEAM 2nd ACC :

    What I am looking for : 

    Players that are playing on ESL level
    That they understand the game 
    Team Work
    brain work 
    lose as a team 

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Rookie
    hey I have almost 2k hours experience on pubg over a couple accounts currently sat in the top 10 percent of eu players and im 20, steam is the F.N.G
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