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Wanna create a serious ESL Team? EU

JesseVossJesseVoss Member Posts: 1 Visitor

Because I like competing in Rocket League I want to create a EU ESL Team.
Im From Germany 21 years old, Season 3 GC with 1921 Hours of gameplay.Im looking for people with at least 1200 Hours of experience and lets say at least diamond 3 in 3v3 modes. I chose diamond 3 because in my experience it is that border of skill where people have all essential skills required to make good passes, nice saves and awesome shots. The rest is just harmony with the team.so if you like to compete in Rocket League and if you want to have consistent mates to play with, add me on steam.I dont mind age as long as you can just behave mature.
Language either German or English

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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