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Well Rounded Player LFT (PLAT)

Ambu.LSAmbu.LS Posts: 4Member Rookie
I started playing siege in Operation Health but only got into ranked in Blood Orchid. I reached silver one in blood orchid. White noise was the season i started playing more seriously hitting gold solo, then in chimera putting in the most hours out of both other seasons i solo queued to Plat 3. at the beginning of Para Belum i joined a new ESL team called imperial gaming but due to other players having conflict with the IGL/Founder the team disbanded. im now a free agent looking for a team
Experience: I played counter strike as my first PC game (500 hrs) and in transferring to siege it made my aim pretty decent to begin with. currently i have 500 hrs in siege and im highly dedicated putting hours researching the best way to play maps and how to improve my solo skill.

Skills: im a good shot caller and know how to keep the team mindset positive and focused on winning. i also have good aim and can get the frags whenever needed. i can memorize strats and able to read opponents very well

Mains: ATK; Ash, Ying, BB, twitch DEF; Bandit, Vigil, Rook, Lesion

Uplay- Ambu.ImP

Contact Info: [email protected]
Messaging me on discord is more effective 

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