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[EU PC 18+ Only] Limbo Esports Is Creating Multiple Teams and Starting Its Own League

VelvetVelvet Posts: 19Member Rookie
PM me on Discord to apply - Katiri #1961 -

- We Are Creating A European Team To Push For ESL, Compete Within Our Own Competitive Scene And Other Leagues -

Hi, I'm Katie. I created Limbo Esports around a month ago. We have 50 members in our Discord along with 3 active competitive Rainbow Six teams and now brand new For Honor teams

We also want to start our very own competitive league to offer more options to the For Honor community, so come along if you already are a team!

- We Are Looking For -

 Experienced players (not rank, talking situational experience)
18+ I won't wiggle around laws for you, please don't DM me if you are not 18, it will slow down my progress greatly and you will not convince me
500 hours played at least
Experience with stressful in game situations
Knows their character, moveset and can provide unique combat skill with this character
Knows how to trust their team mates and when their IGL gives an action

PM me on Discord to apply - Katiri #1961 -

- What Limbo Gives You As A Player -

Active Discord server for you to find ranked teammates or members of other teams to queue up with to get a serious experience outside of custom games
Private channels (I know you can DM but I keep very organised) as well as an "All teams chat" only accessible to those who play in our teams, talk to only the competitive community if you wish
Schedules. Using multiple teams within Limbo, it is very easy to schedule practice scrims and then change the times if need be
A dedicated and active manager. I want to make something of a For Honor environment, not just "have a team". I am pushing to be a unique face in esports and wish to offer you the chance to join one of the teams I hope will succeed

- The Time You Have To Give To Begin Succeeding -

Available 6-9 hours a week for team practice (that's 3 different days a week for just 3 hours in customs discussing strats and squading ranked with your team)
Scrims can be organised within Limbos other teams whenever and scrims inside Limbo contribute to your 6-9 hours
However you will be required to do at least 1 ESL scrim a week separate from your 6-9 hours practice time
If an ESL scrim is not possible for whatever reason. A serious scrim can be set up with one of Limbos other teams that will count as a serious scrim, this is still separate to the 6-9 practice hours

- Limbos Goals -

I want to create a competitive environment for For Honor that is much more focused on your dedication and experience in the game
Having multiple teams allows for a much better competitive experience as you are not locked sitting with the same 5 in an empty Discord. We have a very active Discord and teams have their private channels with easy roles to communicate with members
I want my teams to make it as far as possible, I have put many hours into ranked and the esports scene for Rainbow 6 and I would like to do something much bigger and create something of my time with For Honor as well as R6, For Honor is an amazing game. I would prefer much more if you play together as a good squad

PM me on Discord to apply - Katiri #1961 -

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