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Uncharted 4

Trentula_1147Trentula_1147 Posts: 3Member Rookie
Please bring back Uncharted 4 for play on ESL... I literally just recruited enough members for a team the day after the last(and I’m to understand final) North American tournament. So none of my team ever got to participate. I’m new to this community and just bought my ps4 in April. It would be a blast to play tournament style in the only online multiplayer game I currently own ...


  • Trentula_1147Trentula_1147 Posts: 3Member Rookie
    edited May 23
    Am I the only one who is saddened by the fact that ESL Gaming is never bringing back the multiplayer tournaments for Uncharted 4?
  • iBiZa_iQuIcKiBiZa_iQuIcK Posts: 2Member Rookie
    I full-heartedly agree, bring Uncharted 4 back to ESL! So many hours spent customizing my character and honing my skills in survival ... Time to get my tourny on!
  • iBiZa_iQuIcKiBiZa_iQuIcK Posts: 2Member Rookie
    We also want a tournament for survival mode.
  • Trentula_1147Trentula_1147 Posts: 3Member Rookie
    edited May 30
    I second that! Survival mode is what the online players want; that’s probably why there was such low turn out before
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