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So, My team has had multiple proofs and overwhelming evidence  of breaking ESL Rules and having it ignored due to Admin: SJeRRa throwing Go4s. My friends team lost today in finals due to sjerra costing us. We provided proof of the enemy team DDoSing. Having people DDoS for them. Underage players. Toxic behavior during the event. Then we've submitted multiple Mouse and Keyboard proofs to him as well and had him ignore it. We have people talking about paying him off for victories, which is what I feel happened today. This is why my team and I are no longer competing on this site. Admins who are pay to win on console are legit the worst thing imaginable to play competitively with. Check my Twitter for plently of proof against sjerra, as well as my teammate Etrafon. 



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    Hi, I remind you that this is the off-topic section, so I think you have to change the secti
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