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Team Nexa Multi Gaming Clan Looking For New Blood

jaquestheripperjaquestheripper Posts: 9Member Rookie

Quick intro about who we are at (Team Nexa)

Team NEXA is a professional eSports and Gaming Team and Community that was founded in January 2018. Our team includes several players who focus on games like League of Legends, Sea of Thieves, Fortnite, PUBG, Grand Theft Auto and many others. We are not the kind of team that only wants the 'professionals' because everyone has to start somewhere. In addition, we have divided our teams into eSports and Non-eSports (Community). Team NEXA is often seen as a big family, because we are always looking for fun and entertainment, we also share knowledge and experience in a professional but educational way.

What we can give you guys in return lots of fun and cool people to play games with. We do offer a sponsorship but you will have to jump through fiery hoops..If you have great Idea's and they cost money most of the time we will pay for it as long as it benefits the whole community. We look forward to making new friends and old enemy's..

With all that in mind their are a few things we need from you Guys/Gals.

English Speaking - Its a big help if we can understand each other so English is a must.

Microphone - We use Discord to communicate and an ability to speak is paramount.

Activity - We are looking for active members who are interested in being active community of members!

16 Years+ - Our discord can get a heated

So if that sounds like the sort of environment you would like to be part of hit us up at 

Find me in Discord @Jaques the Ripper#9683 Or 

Current games we are playing and recruiting for:

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - We have players but are looking for a leader can you help ?

League of Legends - Are you a legend, top ganker or just a dick that gets all the last hits in a team fight..Well we want you Noobs and all !!

Sea of Thieves - Fresh like the sea spray hitting you in the balls as you piss into the wind..We have the starting of a Crew but need a Armada.. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Kingpin, Car guy, That prick that wins all the races come join nexgeneric_army !!

Fortnite - Currently in wanted !! 


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