TiDes Gaming Recruitment (Xbox, PC, PS4)

TiDes TiltedTiDes Tilted Posts: 9Member Rookie
We have a Clan called " TiDes Gaming " currently we have over 300 Members and are still always looking for more! :D We Use Discord as our MAIN source of chatting and connection with each other. However, when we play games we use OUR desired platform parties (Xbox or PS4). We allow all members, casual and competitive for platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PS4! Any age any gender welcome :) We also recruit people for our ESL Team to compete in ESL Tournaments for Rainbow Six Siege (Main Clan Game). Although we do not only take Rainbow players, we take all games! (PUBG, CS:GO, Fortnite, etc.) :D You must have a 1.2KD or higher to be eligible for any of the ESL Team/s.

You may Join our Discord and contact:

Me(TiDes Tilted) - (Clan Manager & PC Lead Captain): @TiDes Tilted#4021

PS4 Lead Captain Discord: @neef_tv#9717 ;

Xbox Lead Captain Discord: @TiDes Reflex#9767 

TiDes Gaming OFFICIAL Discord: https://discord.gg/EFQm85b

We also have Sponsors with:

Instagram: @FadeGrips
Instagram: @casesncovers_worldwide

REMEMBER: We accept all games for all players and all platforms!!! :D


  • ii RemiXxFlowZzii RemiXxFlowZz Posts: 42Member Rookie
    Xbox gamertag - LozzaJnr - interested in the For Honour teams
  • Phantom wolfPhantom wolf Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    Hi my xbox tag is ph3tom wo1f I'm interested in your for honor team and your rainbow six team hit me up on email at [email protected]
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