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LF NA clan/group

prime208prime208 Posts: 1Member Visitor
Looking for some people to play QC with.  Would be nice to find a clan with discord/team speak or any voice chat.  I play mostly on the weekends and when I get time on the weekdays.  I like all the game modes and I'm a decent player.  I started playing quake when quake 1 came out then quake 2.  Pretty much haven't played quake since the early 2000's. started back up when QC hit steam early access.  I'm level 47 if anyone cares.  Looking to have fun with some people and play some ranked 2v2 as well.  can msg me on steam name is tunnelvisionoverlord.

One last thing, I want to play with friendly mature people, No rage babies / cry babies or other kinds of babies please.


  • St4t1c84St4t1c84 Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Sounds good mate...What is your nick name in quake?
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