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Madden 18 Fd up tournament system

Death Death Posts: 2Member Rookie
How is it that I've been in your tournaments 3 times and have lost once to a legit player in the final 4 on the last few seconds and the 2 other times I've won every game, yet my opponent states they won, I give proof and you still give me a loss. That needs to be fixed. There's too many cowards out there that can't take a loss and see that your system is flawed. If you lose, take your loss and keep it moving. Stop wasting peoples time. If that's how you live, why live kill yourself. Yea I said it. You're a waste of space and your mother should've swallowed you @dreambreaka. When this is fixed, I'll play in another tournament. I stream all my games.


  • cmep21cmep21 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    I saw that game and it was a clear win by qpDeathbydesign (Patriots). People really need to learn that if you lose take the L and move on. If you weren't good enough to win the first match what makes you think you can win it all. @dreambreaka you give gamers a bad name with your losing ****!! Cheat on a game you probably a cheater in real life. 
  • Death Death Posts: 2Member Rookie
    To top it off, I watched the guy he played next, @make3msayuhhho56 play and win, the guy I played did the same to him and ESL is letting this bs continue. That guy is terrible and he's in the final 128? F out of here with that.
  • cmep21cmep21 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    THAT'S **** UP!!! @ESL forum this is ridiculous, you got cheating **** people on your so called tournaments. Do better!!
  • JIMDOGJIMDOG Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    ESL admin and support are clearly BS. They want to run a half **** tournament without any protective measures that ensure fair play. There always response is provided proof, well where is the proof from the person that actually won. Someone should report ESL to Sony for running this crap.
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