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Welcome to the official ESL Forum,

Before you make your first post please read the following rules to ensure that we have the same understanding on how the forum atmossphere should be. Even though you are sitting in front of a machine on the other end of this machine, there is another human being.

We wanted to create a pleasant environment where discussion and comradeship can thrive. These rules will be the cornerstone for this and therefore we expect that everyone follows the rules.

If you don’t follow the rules you will be warned and in severe cases you will be even banned from participating in the forum.
  • Please before you create a thread try the search function and look if a similar topic already exists
  • If not please select the correct forum to open a thread in.
  • Please give your thread a fiting title so that other users know from reading the title what they can expect
  • Please when you post use common sense. This doesn’t mean you can’t argue but keep the tone civil. Gratuitous swearing, insults, or trolling could get you banned.
  • Please follow a standard forum etiquette. We listed a few examples below
    • Please don’t post content which is not safe for work (NSFW). Some users are browsing from school and/or work and could get into trouble.
    • Please don’t spam in threads always try to contribute in a meaningful manner to a discussion
  • Last but not least when you see a post or thread which you think shouldn’t be in the Forum. Please report it via support.

Have fun in our ESL Forum. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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