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<< FAIL >> Tournament PS4

schitikow-2003schitikow-2003 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
edited March 4 in General (English)

I'm doing this message in order to warn the ESL that these tournaments on PS4 are unreliable.

The first PS4 tournament at the end of 2017 was disrupted from the start by a failure at launch.
This second tournament March 2018 suffers the same problems and worse.

To that, I would like to make ESL aware that this is a lack of respect towards the players.
It's been two hours since the players wait to start the tournament.
Each player has organized their day to make this tournament and we are wasting time for an organization that is not serious.
Especially since ESL had spoken of reward for its tournaments and that finally, there is nothing.
So, does ESL intend to do things well and seriously or all this is just a joke?

I announce the METAL clan retreat for this tournament hoping not to relive a poorly organized ESL PS4 tournament.



  • SasaSasa Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    All clans wait for you ESL
  • Fr_KePLeR_FrFr_KePLeR_Fr Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I bounce on the subject, to tell you that the last tournament on Saturday, April 7 has gone well and the invitation system to work well. 
    However, we have found that the end-of-run reward has not been sufficiently rewarding. 
    We lost a lot of money. This will not be a problem and there was an adequate staffing system.
    Where is the prize pool?
    Is it you or WG who has to withdraw any endowment from the tournament?
    Hoping that our request is heard.
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