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Intrusive in ESL CUP

CobraCobra Posts: 3Member One post wonder
Help me spread this protest video against my unfair disqualification on ESL and player MiltonVaderBR,


  • DidanetDidanet Posts: 1Member, ESL Staff One post wonder
    Hi, Cobra: 

    This kind of issues are solved via Support Ticket. Please, next time, open a Support/Protest ticket explaining the situation (the replay of the game is accepted too), and you'll receive an answer. I'm really sorry for what happened, and we'll work to avoid this to happen again. 

    You can also contact us via Discord over here:

    Best regards,
    Didanet, ESL Admin
    Matías "Didanet" Gómez
    ESL Latinoamérica
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