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Need Help to Buy Laptop for FIFA

Ricky1999Ricky1999 Posts: 1Member Visitor
Hi there!

My current laptop is on it's last days (doesn't boot most of the times) and I'm already searching for a new one.

I'm not really sure what to buy considering it will have to handle FIFA perfectly and I'm also studing programming, so I want a lot of battery life!

My Budget is 750€ - 1000€ (MAX) and I need to buy it from a Portuguese store (i’m living in Portugal) because of any RMA issue that might come up.

So far I found a website that gathers some Portuguese shops. I have already sorted some laptops that I think might be a solution. From these what do you guys think I should buy? Thanks a lot!

My filters ended up with these solutions (sorry for the long link)! What do you think of 14" displays? will it be enough for coding?

Feel free to ask you suggest anything!
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