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Tyr0nTyr0n Posts: 3Member Rookie
Hello everybody,
because here are a dozen of players looking for team, but barley teams looking for players; why not group up

My idea is to find a group of 5 EU Players with 4k+ MMR to create a new "team". It is not my intention to be the teamleader. of next pro dota2 team. I just want to initiate the process of group up and have a nice time playing as team.

My name is Hendrik, i am 23 years old an from Germany.
Currently i prefer to play pos 4 or 5, that should make things a lot easier right ;)?
My MMR ist around 4,4k, so i'd like u guys to have 4k+. A huge gap can be demotivating sometimes.
I play almost daily 2-3 games and sometimes even the whole day. That's why i would prefer to just group up whenever we all have time (for example per WhatsApp) instead of regular training days. But i am also open for that, if the majority of players want fixed days to play together. If we having a good time together, joining some tournamens or maybe leagues could be the bonus.

I would like to use this weekend to go through the whole building/test/get together stage. So if there are enough interessted players, wen can start friday evening group and get things done.

If your interessts are similiar to mine, i would be glad if u catch up with me. Just Add me, and we talk about ur interessts and roles.


  • HeLLHeLL Posts: 5Member Rookie
    I have added you so lets see who else we can find.
    I play daily 1 - 2 games in the evening sometimes more. Definitely more on my day off.Talk later.
  • Tyr0nTyr0n Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Update: We have roster of 4 playesr by now, position 5 is left.
    Game days (gmt+1):wed 6pm to 8pm, friday 5pm to 8pm
  • noname197noname197 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    i would like to try play with your team as pos 4-5 

  • Posts: 4Member Rookie
    hi. if possible want to try play with our team.
    I have + - 5k - position 1-2.
    css_staff skype its my second acc. where i try up my mmr. this first,where i dont play.
     have fun

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