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D3/2 LFT [PC] [NA]

electrodynamoelectrodynamo Posts: 3Member Rookie
first things first, im in the upper diamond ranks, i play defensive and normally in the 2/3 spot and only in the 1 spot if i need to stall/force a play. 
im fine with being a sub, as i dont plan on being a full time rocket league pro. I work overnight, and most tournaments are in afternoon/evening so i should be good to go as far as availability. but in reality, im just looking for a group to play with and develope chemistry with and learn from to become a better/more solid rocket league player. i hit champ 1 in 3's but lost it a couple hours later. i have a mic, i have discord, i can use teamspeak/skype if needed. even curse if thats your platform of communication. i have a somewhat beastly PC so i can stream and i plan on streaming part time anyways. just working out some kinks with this new ultrawide monitor i just got a couple days ago. 
here is my steam:
if there is anything else you need to know, ask away.
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