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The first season VR Challenger League Echo Arena is nearing the end. We need your Feedback!!!

ApolloApollo Posts: 22Member, ESL Staff, Global Moderator ✭✭
edited September 10 in General (English)

Hello members of the VR Challenger League Echo Arena, 

the 1st Season of the VR Challenger League Echo Arena will  be finished after the grand finals on IEM Katowice!

In this first season we saw amazing fights and great matches. We also find hard but fair fighting teams, collecting points and prizemoney from  the incredible Prizepool of 200.000 € on the weekly Cups on sunday evening.

4 Teams from Europe and 4 from North America will at last be invited to the Intel Extreme Masters Katovice to play the grand finals and find the first champion of the VR Challenger League.
For us as admins it is very interesting what the community think about this first season! And so we need your Feedback!!

What is good, whats bad? Does anything should changed? What would be interesting in the future?
Have you been satisfied with the support? How do you assess the work of the ESL admins?

Only with informations directly from you we can change something!!!

So please feel free to write down your feedback and anything you mean we should know.

Thank you!

Best regards

Apollo, Edition Staff Head
ESL Admin-Team

ESL Admin - ESL Global Forum Moderator


  • SendoTargetSendoTarget Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Best thing to happen during the season was definitely random in brackets. I hope random will be incorporated into whatever form we continue moving forward with. 

    I just wish that whatever form it is that it won't have the entire cup waiting for everyone to complete their rounds before moving forwards. 4th of Feb Swiss went almost without a hitch but even small mistakes within the cup add time to everyone.   I really liked the idea of normal brackets with random and consolation cup for those who have lost in the way. Losers can still earn points and get a second match or more and won't drop with the first lost match.

    Oh and extra credit to Apollo for making that change to random during the season. It made cups very lively and fun.

    Best regards
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