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Shadow Helix Esports is now Recruiting 18+

OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
edited January 10 in Recruitment (PC)

Thanks for taking time to read this. Shadow Helix Esports ( is a Semi-Professional esports organization based in East Coast, USA.

Currently we are seeking to assemble a team or 2 of very motivated and driven players that are ready to prove to the world that they have what it takes to compete with the best. Our end goal will be pro-league and other top tier play. Due to the small nature of our org we currently do not offer compensation for positions however our sponsors are very generous with discounts on merchandise for our players including Jerseys, Mousepads and other items. We are currently seeking funding so this may change at any time. For now we are looking for players that understand Money doesn't equal Talent, and understands that to reach a level of play that enables better sponsors and monetary gains you must first put in the work to show them you can create results. 


-          A player who is online often.

-          A player who can take constructive criticism.

-          A player who has a good balance of knowing the game and having good aiming capability.

-          A player who has experience in the game.

-          A player that was at least Gold+Platinum in the last seasons.  Constantly  (don’t lie, I can just check )

-          In need for a IN GAME LEADER/One anchor/ and two entry fraggers.


The first goal for this team for me is to gather up some great players that are willing to put in the effort to become diamond-tier players. From there, the second goal would be to compete in Community cups, ESL events, and other tournaments that are being held today.

Add me to uPlay.  Ocelot-GB-



  • wholesomedreadwholesomedread Posts: 5Member Rookie
    I suck let me join i wanna get good ill try my best and ready for a tryout 
  • ConceptRealityConceptReality Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    email me: [email protected]
    Uplay tag: C0nceptReality
    w/l ranked: 1.5 current gold 1-2 could easily get plat with a good squad
    kd: 1.2

    I played esl matches before and have owned siege for over 2 years i stopped playing pc last year to pursue xbox where i placed diamond before level 45. On pc i find myself as a very good support roll player and i know the game very well. I am playing this game constantly until I can get back to my previous skill level which im not far from reaching. 
  • RakettiRaketti Posts: 22Member Rookie
    Uplay: RakettiReppu

    Discord: RakettiReppu#3814

    i have experience being an entry fragger /roamer, some ESL experience aswell 200+hrs on the game on PC another 300+hrs on PS4 
    2 seasons on PC first season plat3 second season plat2, PS4 diamond most seasons (PC) (PS4)
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
    Added both of you.  
  • Trash..-Trash..- Posts: 12Member Rookie
    Uplay: trashmaster37
    Plat 1 atm plat 3 last season cant hurt to try me :)
  • Shogun-.Shogun-. Posts: 5Member Rookie
    I added you if your still looking please contact me Uplay: Aceking_Midas
  • Mack.Daddy.Mack.Daddy. Posts: 19Member Rookie
    Add me, Mac-10_Solo, used to have a team on PS4 that went to Round of 16 a couple of times. I solo queued on PC to plat 3 playing bomb only this season. Can play anyone and any role, including IGL.
  • NoizeNoize Posts: 11Member Rookie
    edited January 11
    I'm ready
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
  • OGGearGod.OGGearGod. Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Hey Ocelot, much interest in the ad so feel free to add me on uplay @ Gear.LFT I've spent plenty of time learning and keeping up with all competitive strats and know I could bring lots of insight and ideas to the team. I'm a west coast player and am online everyday past 7:45PM PST. I'll send you an add when I'm home and we'll go from there. Thanks :)
  • OGGearGod.OGGearGod. Posts: 2Member Rookie
    edited January 12
    It wouldn't let me edit my post for some reason. Below are my r6db's for both PC and Console. I have well over 400 hours and believe I could fill the role of an IGL as well as anchor if needed. I'm absolutely dedicated to the fact that I will become a pro siege player and knowing that I would have a supporting org as well as team would push me even harder and past my limits.

    PC Gear.LFT -

    Xbox OG Gear God -

  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
  • LawLaw Posts: 17Member Rookie
    I'm interested, I'm diamond every season. Added you on uplay, The_Law-
  • SylpheedSylpheed Posts: 10Member Rookie
    would be interested for sure. uplay name is Daesperado
    im coming from xbox and adjusting well, those stats are my xbox stats as i just switched to pc last week   
  • Im.Banana.btwIm.Banana.btw Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Uplay: BananaSeller
    Rank: Plat 2 for 2 consecutive seasons
  • AimbotjoshAimbotjosh Posts: 6Member One post wonder
    Xbox one console player. Top 500 most seasons with a sr of almost 4400 last season. Flex on dps and tank but mains are Tracer, Zarya, 76, mcree. Could play dps hero and all tank expect DVA. Love finding out what the team did wrong to gain a better shot call for next time. Looking for a team with a Good IQ of the team base. Xbox one gamertag is AimbotJosh    msg me on xbox for a faster reply.
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
  • Demented...Demented... Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Went ahead and added you on uplay. Demented...
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
    BUMP still in need of a in game leader , anchor/roamer, one entry fragger
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
    BUMP still in need of a in game leader , anchor/roamer, one entry fragger
  • bountyhunter512bountyhunter512 Posts: 4Member Rookie
    uplay: Toasted.CEL Discord:Toasted#1692 have been gold for the past 3 seasons trying to hit plat this season im a roamer and can entry frag or hold site if needed have almost 1500 hours in game. I also have team leading experience. my current team is not playing. 
  • bobbob Posts: 12Member Rookie
    ID be interested.  I have not played rank on PC yet, but have enough practice to be comfortable.  I spend a lot of time on xbox.

    Been at least plat on 3 different accounts except for last season.  Was gold one, did get a lot of time in.  You can check my accounts. (bobfillcatch, dulcet death, beenchatbanned)

    My uplay is Calcifer.HC 

    Can be on from practice when you guys need me after 4 PM MST (6PM Eastern.)  You can DM me with more inform on Discord bobfillcatch#4929
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
    BUMP still in need of a in game leader , anchor/roamer, one entry fragger
  • iSKARIOTiSKARIOT Posts: 13Member Rookie
    Are you the manager of the team or a player ? cause your stats .... 
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
    BUMP still in need of a in game leader , anchor/roamer, one entry fragger
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 69Member Aspirant
    BUMP still in need of a in game leader , anchor/roamer, one entry fragger
  • neoneo Posts: 40Member Rookie
    hello my name is john and i go bye Neo i am a plat player that has played in three teams i am a IGL for those teams and i am a support player i play smoke/Mira and twitch/banana i have 1000+ hours and i play every day i am looking to find a place to call home if you are interested my uplay is Neo.lft or send my a DM @Neo_R6
  • AFlaccoSeagullsAFlaccoSeagulls Posts: 3Member Rookie
    edited January 19
    If you're still looking for someone, I would like to throw my name into the hat as well.

    I would prefer to either be an anchor/roamer or someone who assists the team in coming up with strategies, or IGL. I play best as a support person or someone who creates strategies and puts people in the right places to succeed. I love coming up with unique and creative strategies and being a part of a team.

    Information: 26 years old, West USA based, availability daily and on weekends as needed. Previous experience with Go4 and in other FPS's with competitive scenes.

    Uplay: AFlaccoSeagulls

    Discord: AFlaccoSeagulls#8730


    You can contact me through either one of those channels.
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