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Wander BerasWander Beras Posts: 2Member Rookie
Because if the anticheat of the esl is already available, its use is not yet mandatory.
Because knowing that there is so much hack and that in all the tournaments they use hack, they do not implement anticheat.
Nothing prevents them since only this PC windows in the tournaments.
It is time to implement anticheat.
I think that all the players have to ask for the obligatory anticheat to be implemented for the tournaments. Free of hack.


  • CRANKCRANK Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    i agree with him more than anything, me and my team have been playing ESL for a while now and we noticed that hackers slip under them so please add anti cheat on 
  • Adrian LessonsAdrian Lessons Posts: 2Member Rookie
    It was time for the windows platform, there are too many programs that use the players in the venaja tournaments to take, we are not pestered that ESL has done nothing in their transmissions and it is clear the aespectadores hack, to realize and the staf did not say anything. Please INCLUDE A REMEDY FOR THIS, THE TOURNAMENTS ARE ALREADY BORING BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS WIN THOSE WHO USE PROGRAMS. At the request of legal PLAYERS AGRITOS, AN ANTICHEAT PLEASE ALREADY.
  • PilowYTPilowYT Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Me parece justo por que hay muchos equipos que llegan a la final jugando limpio como para k unos pendejos que no saben jugar los saquen de la final usando programas para mejorar su punteria y precision me parece buena esta idea espero lo implementen pronto
  • AriusArius Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    edited January 6
    I think it is very necessary, that way we will have a fair and fair playing environment, 
    the players that we are legal feel a great frustration to lose in a tournament against 
    people who use aunt shooting programs, the Anchea should be applied in the tournaments of our platform

  • luckylucky Posts: 2Member Rookie
    I think it's a good idea! but the idea that I have to install something that you give me on my computer and check everything I do, even if I go to the bathroom and with whom, that's not a good idea!
    ¡Pienso que es una buena idea! pero la idea de que tengo que instalar algo que me entregues en 
    mi computadora y verifique todo lo que hago, incluso si voy al baño y con quién, ¡no es una buena idea!
    nobody will install anything on your computer! that is forbidden by law!
    ¡nadie instalará nada en su computadora! ¡eso está prohibido por la ley!
    On my computer I have many accounts, cards and privacy that nobody can or should review! What they want 
    to do is forbidden, I think that all those who cry for anticheat are all those who can not win with 
    piracy. Nobody will install anything on your PC because it is crazy and an attempt to 
    scam the privacy of each player's computer! You members will allow you to steal them through 
    a program that they have to install ?, It is not distrustful, but nowadays they can not trust anyone!
    ¡En mi computadora tengo muchas cuentas, tarjetas y privacidad que nadie puede o debe revisar! 
    Lo que quieren hacer está prohibido, creo que todos los que lloran por anticheat son todos aquellos que 
    no pueden ganar con pirateo. nadie instalará nada en su PC porque es una locura y un intento de estafa para la 
    privacidad de la computadora de cada jugador! Ustedes los miembros les permitirán robarles mediante 
    un programa que tienen que instalar?, no es de desconfianza, ¡pero hoy en día no pueden confiar en nadie!
  • luckylucky Posts: 2Member Rookie
    solo escribo y hago saber que lo que quieren hacerles a todos los niños. digo niños por que muchos son menores de edad y no saben!
    esto habria que decirles a sus padres, que se le infiltraran en las computadoras de sus casas y hasta pueden robarle muchos estafadores con esta idea!
    para el juego no es mala idea! pero para los estafadores, esta es la idea mas brillante que se les pudo ocurrir hacer en un juego , para estafarles
    a todos! donde esconderan la pornografia? por que con el programa que quieren instalarle sabran hasta sus contraseñas de facebook, mail, y todo lo que se les pueden ocurrir! su computadora sin privacidad..!!
    por que los que proponen esto, no les dicen a los usuarios la verdad de la privacidad??
    I just write and let them know what they want to do to all the children. I say children because many are minors and do not know!
    This would have to be said to his parents, who would infiltrate the computers of their homes and could even rob many scammers with this idea!
    for the game is not a bad idea! but for the swindlers, this is the most brilliant idea that could occur to them in a game, to swindle them
    to all! where will they hide pornography? because with the program they want to install, they will even know their passwords for facebook, 
    mail, and everything that they can think of! your computer without privacy .. !!
    Why do those who propose this, do not tell users the truth of privacy?

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