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Looking for Players/Team

DavidDavid Posts: 259Member, Administrator, Turtle Entertainment ✭✭✭
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Looking for a team? Post your favourite role & Heroes of the Storm BattleTag so others can contact you.

Looking for a player? Post your needed role & Heroes of the Storm BattleTag so others can contact you.
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  • FlorielFloriel Posts: 1Member
    Two swedes looking for a team, we are 28 and 26 years old. We can both play all heroes and are versatile with everything. Alternatively we are looking for three more players.

    You can contact us on Floriel#1387
  • FrOzFrOz Posts: 1Member
    Hi, I'm a 25 years old italian guy who is searching for a team. I can play pretty much every hero,

  • MuSc1MuSc1 Posts: 2Member
    I am Lukas 'MuSc1' and my organisation is searching for 5 players who are searching an organisation.
    We can offer you a teamspeak server and a managment which is able to organize you pracc games and promote your streams and pages.
    When you are interested just write us on facebook
    or add me in BattleNet MuSc1#2938
    we can talk about more stuff (but no money)
    Greetings :)
  • kiserlodskikiserlodski Posts: 2Member
    Hey Guys. Im kiserlodski from Germany and searching for a team in my MMR (Diamond around 3300)
    in german or english Speech and with TS
  • TunaTuna Posts: 3Member
    edited October 2014
    my name is Noel "Tao" and im 22 and from Germany. Im a professionally experienced moba/rts player with more then 5k h in Dota 2 . If you need a standin for the community cups this evening just contact me . Position: Assassin

    Bnet Tag: Tao#2694
  • TunaTuna Posts: 3Member
    edited October 2014
    delete please
  • kiserlodskikiserlodski Posts: 2Member
    Hey Guys. Im kiserlodski from Germany and searching for a team in my MMR (Diamond around 3300)
    in german or english Speech and with TS
    Bnet kiserlodski #2519
  • BläckmamaBläckmama Posts: 8Member
    hey guys,
    german player lf serious competitive Team, i can play any supporter you like.
    Im a Teamplayer and ready to play
    just add me in battle net : Bläckmama#2832
  • JakeeY.eXeJakeeY.eXe Posts: 2Member
    Hey There, Im JakeeYeXe 24 Years old

    US Account lvl 26
    EU Account now ~10 (2 days old)

    add me jakeey#2233

    German Player ~~ Very hard Player ,no funplay for me ;)

    Sunday Cup ? :)
  • VeCt0rrrVeCt0rrr Posts: 1Member
    Hi everyone, I'm 18 years old and I'm looking to team for tournaments, teamplays, and etc.
    EU account - 30 lvl (before server wipes was on 40 lvl)
    Plays on Assassins and continue practicing on Supports.
    If interested, add me on BattleNet : Valkyrie#2601
    Russian player, but know English well :)
  • PyromanserPyromanser Posts: 1Member
    edited November 2014
    Hey everybody? Im 28 years old? more or less skilled player wanna take part in some competitive events? so looking for a team!!! Prefer someone fatty or specialists, but smth else can do too. b-tag pyromanser#2660
    English, russian.
  • RomchyRomchy Posts: 2Member
    edited November 2014
    Hi everyone!
    I'm Romchy, 22 and come from Slovenia!
    After 4 years of playing lol (it doesnt matter really but i reached diamond with ease) i have enough and want to move to heroes of the storm!
    Current normal queve elo(checked on is ~3k elo.

    In LoL i usually played bruisers, tanky guys who jump in the frey of the fight. In HoTS i will continue with my style of play so i prefer heroes like muradin and tyrael.

    Add me on battlenet: Romchy#2772 if you want to talk more.
    Gl hf everyone.

    Cya inside the storm,
  • ClinkzClinkz Posts: 10Member
    Hey im looking for a serious team in HotS
    im from germany and 21 years old.

    pm me Clinkz#2964
  • DanteODDanteOD Posts: 2Member
    Hello guys!
    My name is Nikolay. I'm 23 and I'm from Ukraine. Played 8 years in Dota. Now started play in Heroes of the Storm. Have 0 looses in HotS. Lf competitive team or organisation. Write to me on ESL or on E-Mail ([email protected])
  • NoshNosh Posts: 20Member Rookie
    Hello there,

    German dude 19 years old over 5 years in on Mobas, (Diamond season 3 in league, 4k mmr dota2) Looking for a Seriouse competetive team for participating in tournaments.

    currently 3,2k+ MMR on HotS logs :

    contact me @ Nosh#2329
  • ANTYANTY Posts: 2Member
    I'm 35 and I'm from Ukraine. Looking for team. Heroes: Tyrael, Arthas, Tassadar (ANTY#2929)
  • KillingJokesKillingJokes Posts: 1Member

    21, Romania.

    Master: Stitches
    Alternatives: Arthas, Tassadar, Zeratul

    Battletag: KillingJokes#2203
  • SpidzioSpidzio Posts: 2Member
    edited November 2014

    Im looking for serious competetive team to play ESL. My main roles is Assasins. I already played around 450 games and my MMR is around 3,1k ++ but it seems to be really stucked cuz of hotslogs promotion system. I have a lot of time to play and ready for it. You're welcome to add me on bnet Spidzio#2472
    I already played ESL with some friends and we took 5-8 place in tournament :)
  • CrossOvverGGCrossOvverGG Posts: 2Member
    Hello, Im 33 US player who is looking for seriousness from any team whos looking for a player who is serious and passionate. I absolutely love the game HoTs and have played others such as LoL, Dota2 and alittle of HoN(Not so much). My IGN Battlenet is CrossOvver#1186. I am currently looking for any placement in a team and can play any role. My main is Support/Assassin.
  • OgrunirOgrunir Posts: 2Member Rookie
    edited November 2014
    Hey Guys

    My name is Christopher I'm 18 and I'm from German/Poland . Played 4 years in LoL (League of Legendes) League - Diamant 1. Now started play in Heroes of the Storm, mr mmr is 3400.
    Main Champs: Raynor
    i can play all of champs but Raynor and Zeratul my mains :)

    Lf competitive team or organisation. Write to me on ESL or on E-Mail ([email protected]) - Battletag Wuuka#2660

  • AdamAdam Posts: 1Member
    Hello there!

    I´m Adam from Sweden. I´m 20 Years old and i believe that both my English and my Gaming skills are above average. I have dedicated a big amount playing both Lol, Dota and HoN and now i´m in to HoTs.

    I´m looking to make my way in the Competitive scene and i´m looking for people with the same goal! If you are looking for the same as i am contact me on Skype: Adam.Westrup
    - There are 2 Skype accounts with this name but they are both mine so add both to see which one i´m using!

    Have a nice day
  • Drash SkyDrash Sky Posts: 1Member
    Hi, french player, i can talk in basic english.

    3k3+/- mmr

  • ikorsoikorso Posts: 1Member
    edited November 2014
    Hi, i am from Russia, looking for competitive team, can speak basic english, good experience in moba games. I am playing hots ~4 weeks, atm 3.3k mmr.
    Main roles - all supports (except lili :D ), also playing alot on abathur, falstad, valla, tyrael. Also know how to decent play on almost every heroes. Good knowledge about the game (always watch streams from tournaments, vods, etc). Played with friends on last esl tournaments (without any good results =( ).
    Battletag - ikorso#2535
  • sKarTixsKarTix Posts: 4Member

    ich mach es kurz und bündig :)

    ich bzw wir sind auf der Suche nach deutschen Spieler ( MMR Wert 3k+).

    Hohe Motivation und Ehrgeiz, sowie Zeit für Training und Cups sind ebenfalls Voraussetzungen.

    Für Testgames bitte sKarTix#2164 hinzufügen oder einfach per ESL anschreiben.

  • EtniesEtnies Posts: 1Member
    edited November 2014
    Buenas soy un jugador español con cerca de 3k mmr, juego guerrero o asesino ranged Stiches, Etc, Muradin or Raynor, Tychus, Illidan mi Battletag : Etnies#2618
    Busco equipo competitivo y serio con juegos todos los dias por las noches principalmente y fin de semanas, mi horario es 21:00-00:00h horario Español (UTC+1) tengo experiencia en ligas competitivas y torneos, tengo buen juego de equipo y visión de juego, si queréis comprobar mis cualidades podéis mirar mi Twitch / Etnies86.
  • F1ks3rF1ks3r Posts: 1Member
    edited November 2014
    - playing everyday for more than 10 hours
    - very hard working at the game
    - i want to join some players that are willing to PLAY EVERY DAY and WORK HARD
    - in 4 days i got almost 21 lvl
    - favorite heroes: zagara / tychus / gazlowe / abathur
    - Fckthsht#2819 (EU)
  • LegacyLegacy Posts: 1Member
    Hi i'm 24 years old , Legacy from Spain and looking for a competitive ESl team. I can fill any role.
    Current MMr: 3,9k
    Battletag: Legacy#2919 Eu

    Feel free 2 add me ingame and talk.
  • StrmAStrmA Posts: 1Member

    We are 22 and 25 years old players from slovenia and we want to find 3 player to make a competitive team or 3 players that are allready in team that needs a warrior and carry player.
    Warrior player in game name is: Romchy ~3k elo
    Carry player in game name is: StrmA ~2,9k elo

    You can add me (StrmA#2735) or (romchy#2772) on to talk more.

  • UwImFabulousUwImFabulous Posts: 45Member
    edited December 2014
    Hey, me and a friend are currently looking for 3 more players who want to compete on a professional level [HCL;ESL etc.] . I am currently more or less fitting the Support role and my mate fits the assasins/tank role , so we essentially are looking for more carry/tank orianted players.
    Our Requirements are:
    -Atleast 3k MMR + ( u can look that up at ) .
    -A decent Moba knowledge , including teamfight/character mechanics and knowing what ur role is supposed to do.
    -Decent english skills so we can communicate freely.
    -Enough time to practise to possibly achieve the competitive scene.
    -A little insight on theorycrafting so that we have the possibilty of new ideas for possible teamcombos etc.
    [-Maybe an Esports Background with Teamsyngery so u may have some knowledge in terms of esports itself (sponsorships etc.) and the team atmosphere/gameplay]
    We cant really offer anything right now, but we have the possibilty to offer a teamspeak for the communication and a friendly environment which offers each and everyone, who atleast kinda fits into our thoughts of teammates, the possibilty to have try outs with us :) .
    Add me at: UwImFabulous#2804
  • brawlerbrawler Posts: 3Member
    hey guys,
    I'm looking for a highly competitive team
    I'm 3600 mmr on hotslogs and was hovering around diamond 1/2 in league of legends
    add me brawler93#2913

    ps. only people around my skill level pls:)
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