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Diamond 1 Support sucht Serious Team (Master - D1 only)

LoYexLoYex Posts: 2Member
edited March 2015 in General (Deutsch)
About me

Name: Osman
Age: 18
League: Master - D1
Role: Support since s3
Champions: very open to everything... (Thresh,Blitz,Lulu,Annie,Leona,Morgana)
Nationality: Turkish but living in Germany
Languages: Turkish, English and German
Expierience: Played in EPS (german "LCS"), D1 Teams and scrimmed against Alliance + Unicorns of Love (5-10 games)
Time: almost everyday from 6pm until "open end"
Shotcalling: Objective + over all shotcalling is good, but Teamfight shotcalling has to be practised
- dedicated
- serious
- willing to improve
- motivated
- open vor criticism

what i expect from you

- dedicated
- Time schedule
- everyone being serious + motivated
- prefer analyst + Manager who organizes stuff and setting goals
- no Ragequit and no silence in Teamspeak when game goes wrong
- prefer builded team, but open for projects
- clear and realistic plan what we are going to achieve in the "set time"

If you are interested, you can contact me ingame: LoYex
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