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ESL Wire Entry Point Not Found

VorfelanVorfelan Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
I installed ESL Wire and MOSS in preparation for the upcoming 6 Invitation, but Wire doesn't launch.

I get the error:
wire.exe - Entry Point Not Found.
The proeccdure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\EslWire\wire.exe

Anyone have a solution for this?


  • ForceForce Member Posts: 339

    please open a support ticket, then we are able to check this case faster!

    Best regards,
  • RogueNexus.ELRogueNexus.EL Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    Yea im getting the same issue. Everytime my windows launch i get the error message as well im trying to lauch wire. I cant even remove it from my computer or uninstall??
  • RogueNexus.ELRogueNexus.EL Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    My wire launched, i just needed to run it as administrator. start the program with "run as administrator" that fixed the problem with me.
  • KeNiKeNi Member Posts: 181 Ambassador
    Hello @RogueNexus.EL  ,

    I'm glad that you got Wire to work, however I wanted to chime in and say that "Entry point not found" can have many causes, but they're all related to an old Windows bug that has never been fixed. Luckily in your case the solution was simple, thanks for sharing!

  • Shenzo.Shenzo. Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited February 2020
    I have the same problem as these guys but I cant fix It with running It as an administrator can someone help
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