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Injustice 2.

DisboyiZKrazyDisboyiZKrazy Posts: 1Member One post wonder
Hi, I have sent at least 6 emails, opened a protest, and everything I could possibly do to reach someone of assistance. I feel like I’m really at a dead-end here and no one really cares. On Sunday I rushed home excited about the tournament for injustice 2. I previously missed the deadline for competition and I didn’t want to do that again so I attempted to make sure everything was signed for , I registered and checked in. Upon my first fight i beat my opponent 3 matches to 0. My opponent A A Remix or | who Dey | then proceeded to send me a message saying “hope you get aids”. I blew off the comment because I’m used to people being salty online. I was unaware nor was i contacted or received any onformatikn regarding the protest that he placed on our match until I received an email saying the protest was closed and I was disqualified. The gamer that placed in the protest was able to proceed to the next round of the tournament despite the fact that he lost all 3 rounds, presented inappropriate conduct, and sent me a very nasty message. This is very discouraging being that I did everything I was supposed to do and the league allowed this gamer to move forward despite his actions. I have sent over documented proof of the 3 matches that I won and the awful message he sent me. Yet I have received no response and I don’t even think anyone cares 


  • NachtkindFXNachtkindFX Posts: 131Member, Administrator, Turtle Entertainment ✭✭✭

    In such a case it's usually better to simply open a support ticket and try to reach out to one of the admins.

  • ChopasoChopaso Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I was eliminated from the tournament because i didnt recive the notification for my next match. Isent a message to my oponent asking if he was ready and he said yes and still i lost. What kind of unffair stuff is this?
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