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Experienced video gamer needed for 10 min help for my master thesis!!

master_of_thesismaster_of_thesis Posts: 1Member One post wonder
Hi guys,
would anyone who is quite experienced in video gaming be up to helping me out with a quick validation of words related to gaming for my master thesis, I would be super grateful!
To explain: 
I am loving my master thesis topic, I am investigating the three aspects of innovation within video games: technology/design/games. 
For this, I wrote a program in Python (whoa, I never programmed before, that was a huge thing for me :P), which will text-analyze 500 selected video game reviews from games from 2015-17 within strategy/action/rp genres. The program uses words lists of words belonging to each of the three aspects and thus shows how much which aspect is discussed within the reviews. 
In order for the analysis to be valid, I need help with the word lists. I would send you an excel and you would indicate which word you categorize to which aspect (it's called a inter-rater agreement) - real easy and quick, approx. 10 minutes, I promise! Background story, my classification needs to be at least 70% consistent with the one you as video game expert do. 
What do you think? :)) My master thesis is being published (if I don't ruin it haha) and your name would be mentioned :)
Bye and thanks in advance to anyone offering, Dana
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