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COD ww2 Ladder ?

ShoSho Posts: 1Member Visitor
I create this topic to know if there will be competition on this call of (PC )


  • KzRR_KzRR_ Posts: 74Member Aspirant
    nothing , no ladder , no esport , COD is dead for PC ! and it's sad ..
  • iNtekiNtek Posts: 20Member Rookie
    Thanks to site like this. So much potential and so much interest and they just ignore.

    ESL only seems to care for the big Live events anymore. Such a shame to let the casual competitive community down like garbage.
  • iNtekiNtek Posts: 20Member Rookie
    KzRR_ said:
    nothing , no ladder , no esport , COD is dead for PC ! and it's sad ..
    There are ladders etc. People only need to subscribe, like We have to look further than ESL and should leave ESL as a CoD player because there is no support. 
  • mRzmRz Posts: 17Member Rookie
    Yes guys, let's all sign up at It doesn't seem that bad at all. They have a few bad rules and a not that good matchmaking system but hey, maybe they improve those things. It is the only playable WW2 PC league out there rn. So keep competitive CoD alive by singing up there!
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