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Creating an ESL and Go4 team.

BlizzardjunoBlizzardjuno Posts: 10Member Rookie
Hello, I am looking to create a serious team for R6S xbox ESL. I hope to compete in go4's and ESL tournaments consistently. I know a lot of strats and am a strong player. I am looking for four non toxic people who are fun, chill, and will still take the game seriously. Rank obviously isn't a dealbreaker, since ranked matches and pro league matches are completely different. But it would be best if you are a platinum to diamond player. I personally can play a lot of operators, but my strongest on attack are Thermite, Hibana, Thatcher, Ash, Buck, and Jackal. For defense I am strongest with Rook, Jager, Ela, Pulse, and Valkyrie. I need someone who is a high level player, preferably has some experience in ESL and is looking to commit to playing on weekends and weekday nights. I am currently using a friends account which he just gave to me but am ranking up a smurf to use for ESL.

You should be:
- 16-17+
- A good team player who can make callouts
- Be committed to playing regularly to work out strats and scrim
- Be focused on reaching a top level in the game
- And be a non toxic person who is a good team player and motivator. 

Reply to the post if you are interested, thanks!


  • ExcelExcel Posts: 7Member Rookie
    I am interested man ! I am diamond with a 1.4 kd. u can msg my gt - haiizi
  • BlizzardjunoBlizzardjuno Posts: 10Member Rookie
    Also this is for NA
  • MurderXcellenceMurderXcellence Posts: 8Member Rookie
    I am interested friendo. I am plat 2 with a 1.1 w/l and a 1.3 kd my GT is MurderXcellence im ready to grind whenever
  • SmusSmus Posts: 10Member Rookie
    are you still looking for people? you can message FLUX Smus
  • DeadShot2430DeadShot2430 Posts: 6Member Rookie
    I'm interested. I'm plat 3, have esl experience, have a great knowledge of the game and strats (watch every pro league match), and can play any operator or role. Message me ---> DeadShot2430
  • o Grievouso Grievous Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Don't know if you're still looking for players, but I am actually offering a different position. I am looking to coach due to an irregular schedule because of School commitments. I am however available to play from time to time and help strategize, analyze statistics/data, and research opposing teams during scrims/matches. Im a multi time diamond with plenty of ESL and UCL (United Console League, a well respected Org with the backing of many teams/players such as Ramz 1nF) experience.If you want more information/credentials or proof of possible ways to help you I can provide. Feel free to message me any questions, Xbox GT: o Grievous
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