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New Servers coming Soon! - Product Manager Letter - 12th October 2017

CitruCitru Posts: 148Member, ESL Staff, Global Moderator, Staff Head ✭✭
If you haven't stayed up to date with the Gamerage forums, Smilegate posted an update on the server situation.

"Next, I would like to address the most important topic for the community: server performance. At some point within the next 2 weeks, you should be able to select a new Delta Theater in the server selection screen. This Theater will be running on a different setup than the other 3 Theaters (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie), with improved performance. We are currently finalizing this new server setup, which is based on the setup we used for the CFS European Finals at gamescom earlier this summer, for which we received very good feedback from the teams who participated. We will ask for your feedback to confirm that you all notice a significant improvement regarding lag and hit registration in this Delta Theater. If the feedback is positive, we will change all the Theaters to this new setup. More information very soon!"

Read the full news post here:
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