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Recruiting For GFG

Zalyza GFGZalyza GFG Posts: 3Member Visitor
Global Force Gaming is recruiting for FIFA 18 Pro Club Leagues!. All Positions are welcomed! We plan on playing comp in both MLG and ESL. Our website is 
If you would like to apply the application link is
Our requirements are as followed: 
1.  Must be 18+ to join Global Force Gaming
2.  Remain active on forums and discord. Even though there are no minimum requirements to meet, we ask you to be active on both. (COMP teams have requirements)
3.  Represent GFG in a professional manner.
4.  Microphone is required.


  • DPGOfficialDPGOfficial Posts: 3Member Rookie
    My Gamertag – DPGOfficial

    My Age – 13 (People think I behave like a 16 year old)

    Nationality- Dutch (I can speak normal english and a bit 8th grade French and German)

    Do I have a microphone – Yes (But I am very concentrated on the game so I don’t talk as much as I normally do) 

    My Positions are – GK 88(Primarily)/CDM 86/(And CAM 86 but that's my strongest place)

    My Availability – Most of the days from 20:00 (UTC +01:00)

    Experience – Played this and last year much Div. 1/2/3 Proclubs games and much UT.(highest WL finish is Elite 3 last year and this year Gold 1) And some VFL Forest Green

    Additional information –

    I try to improve my game every second I play and every save I make. I mostly save 1-on-1’s(And pens), But I save many other shooting chances too!, At Cdm I mostly try to play defence and don’t come to much op the field. At camI’m very clinical in front of goal and I am  good at skilling and of course I pass mostly.

    -I like being keeper the most and have a 77% saving percentage and 75 gp and 28 clean sheets (20 of those games are drop in matches with people scoring own goals, other 55 are mostly Div. 1/2/3 and some drop ins). I am an attack minded gk so I will do lots of powerful, deep kicks to lm/lb/lf/st/cf/rf/rb/rm.

    -On my Cam I have 0.7 goals per game. And like mostly passing plays.

    -On my CDM I have 0.2 goals per game (mostly longshots(92 longshots)) and a strong defending game.

    I hope you are interested in me! Have a nice day!
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