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NA Recruitment 4 players needed + NA Manager | Tera Gaming Community

Welcome to Tera Gaming [NA]
Welcome to Tera Gaming's recruitment post. We are out looking for a 5th player to join our Pro team for ESL. You will be required to change your name on social media and game accounts associated with your representation of Tera Gaming. Tera Gaming is a big organisation with various teams in SIEGE, CoD, Rocket League and CSGO. We also have a community based side where players just get together and have some fun. For more info join our discord. For the NA manager role you must have a little experience in what your role consist of and how to manage a full half community/teams.

.Must be 18+
.Must have rank at least platinum
.Must be able to travel to events
.Have working and good quality mic/internet
.Must be on for 7 hours training a week MINIMUM!!!!!! (1 hour a day)
.Must know the basics and some what of strats



  • neoneo Posts: 39Member Rookie
    hey are yall still looking for a full line up

  • Senseida.Senseida. Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Yes, we are looking for players who want to try out for the NA team. To get started, join the discord ;, direct message Senseida (me), and tell me about your experience in the game. 

  • neoneo Posts: 39Member Rookie
    were a whole team looking for a new org

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