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Go4TESL Feedback

PaxxPatriotPaxxPatriot Posts: 12Member, ESL Staff Rookie
Please use this discussion to provide your feedback about the Go4TESL series.
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  • IkarusIkarus Posts: 2Member Rookie
    So, I think this is the worst format I have played tournaments in in this game until now. I dont know why its so hard to have a reasonable format.
    Bo3 Conquest with 3 decks each ... A-B-A-B-A-B pick system ...
  • KarakondzhulKarakondzhul Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I really dislike the pick system. The higher seed player is always at a very clear disadvantage.
  • NachtkindFXNachtkindFX Posts: 127Member, Administrator, Turtle Entertainment ✭✭✭
    What would you suggest?  How should the picking be done?
  • IkarusIkarus Posts: 2Member Rookie
    So to picking: Usually when picking 3 decks you go with A-B-B-A-A-B or just go with blind picks.
    But the bigger problem is the format. You don't want to have a system that favors cheaters. Right now you have in the rules that you can have only 1 deck per color combination. But right now you just have no option at all to check your opp decks. And even if he has only 1 deck for a class he can easily swap cards in and out to strengthen his matchups between the games.
    So whats the best way to handle it? In my opinion it would be to submit 3 decks before the start. Obviously it is a bit more work. When you see something suspicious you could ask an admin if the card is really in there.
    I also don't like the 3 deck bo3 conquest format. It  would be better with an additional ban. then you could argue that Last Hero Standing is better but that is not important right now. But having 3 decks will often result in a coinflip to get the correct matchup.
  • NachtkindFXNachtkindFX Posts: 127Member, Administrator, Turtle Entertainment ✭✭✭
    A-BB-AA-B makes sense and I think we change this in the future.

    Deck submissions are something we would like to avoid in a weekly cup, maybe we use it for the Monthly Finals.
    For the weekly cups, would you feel better if you can request a screenshot of your opponent showing he / she has only one deck per attribute prepared?
  • Lateralus19Lateralus19 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I get with Open tournaments that decklist submissions are questionable depending in the amount of admins available for the game. So if that's just not possible right now fine. Let's improve the format. Every player should be required to lock in 4 classes and each player gets a ban. Sure, players can still change cards within a class, but with conquest you can really change cards for a specific matchup because you don't knownwhat the opponent will be playing the next game. But, I think finding a way to have players lock in classes for the whole tournament would be ideal. If it's possible to do deck list submissions, let us know and we can have a different discussion. Our community is pretty helpful, you may be able to get extra help if you ask, although ESL should be able to provide the appropriate level of support if they are holding money tournaments.

    Chris (Lateralus)
  • NachtkindFXNachtkindFX Posts: 127Member, Administrator, Turtle Entertainment ✭✭✭
    It has nothing to do with the admin work load, if we have deck submissions or not. If we think we totally need it, will we use them without 2nd thoughts.

    It's simply to give players more freedom during a cup and to make it easier to sign-up and play in one.

    What do you mean by "Every player should be required to lock in 4 classes"?
    Do you mean for the entire tournament?
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