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Team looking for serious players, for ongoing tournaments and progressive training - Dia/Master/GM

MurgoMurgo Posts: 2Member Rookie
Heya Guys and Girls alike!

We are currently seeking players to fill the slots in our upcoming team for heroes of the storm.
We seek serious individuals who are willing to put their heart and soul into the training as well as players who have a general love for the game.
Passion is key here, but we do only seek players who has a certain skill level already.
This does however also mean that we do not care if you are only plat in rank, as long as you play like a master.
The current goal for the team is to be one of the highranking teams of either ESL Go4Heroes, or the ongoing season tournaments on www.heroeslounge.gg.
This we can discuss internally as a team, since we might want to do both and/or one or the other.

Overall what you need to be in this team, is time, skill, passion and dedication.

With time we mean, you have time to practice HOTS like you would any other sport if you were on elite level.
This means a bare minimum of 3x3 hours a week, to begin with, but in the long run we aim for a minimum of 5x4 hours a week.
If these times sounds casual to you, I bid you bare in mind these are absolut minimum requirements, and possibly you would be a sub, if someone else can keep up better.
This also means that you respect your comrades and tell in good time if you are delayed or have to cancel training.
It means you are fresh and rested when we play, and don't come for matches or training with hangovers or last minute joins (unless the team is already aware and consent to this in special cases like work etc.).

With skill we mean that you already have at least 10 heroes you play at a level where you can call them your mains.
You have no trouble in positioning yourself in teamfights with these heroes, and you have a good knowledge of their weaknesses (counters) and strengths (maps) talents and so on. Furthermore you are overall proficient in drafting, allthough this takes a lot of knowledge and practice, and as long as you have the minimum drafting knowledge of the current metas and such it can be considered acceptable.
Overall you should have a good knowledge of the game knowing all heroes, and at least have a gist of what you can expect when playing against them (meta talents like Valla Q build on BoE).
You DO NOT HAVE TO know all map timers and TF focus and such, as this is a huge part of teamplay which we will be practicing together as we evolve and progress as a team.

With passion we mean that you play the game out of lust and not need. You meet for training because you enjoy it, and you have enough passion for what we do to take criticism as a part of your passion towards improving yourself. It also means that we shouldn't be surprised to meet you ingame even outside of practice hours. You love HOTS and you love the competetive scene, and wish to further yourself with your comrades in the team. If geographically viable you'd even be willing to visit teammates for LAN parties and such, to strengthen the bond with your team.

With dedication, we first and foremost talk about punctuality and continuation in your attendance with the team. You don't choose a random drunk night out on a whim over training, because you respect your fellow players (ofc these things can be arranged but again respect the people who are sitting patiently excited and waiting to play with you). You meet on time, and mostly you meet even earlier to discuss drafts and maps, tactics and so on. You also stay after games to discuss mistakes, why we won/lost, what to improve. We need you as much as we need the rest of us to be friends ready to criticize and discuss as well as ready to take criticism. All this you are able too because you want to be better and because you respect your fellow teammates.

Allthought we prefer you even older, but can accept younger people too provided they are mature and fullfill the above requirements.

Contact me through facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roar.kirkeby

All in all however harsh an synical some of what I have written here today may sound, this is what it will take to make a serious team who aspires for results, but with that said I really hope to meet some nice people here and have a lot of fun together!

- Murgo


  • GustavoGustavo Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Hit me up, i Think i might have a good amount of the values
  • koelomankoeloman Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Not sure if i should be posting here but i don't have a facebook. I'm an 18 year old master level player, but i have a lot of passion and experience, I would hope that i could tryout despite my age discrepancy. Getting into competitive play has been a goal of mine for a while now and I'm ready to push myself to the level. contact me at my battle tag koeloman#1931 
  • Jakpot93Jakpot93 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Hello, i know i'm late but my friend and i ( 25 years old) are two master rank players willing to join in the competitive environment. We hope that you can give us a chance. If you want to contact me VBØJakpot#21553.
    Best regard

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