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EarthQuake Esports recruiting NOW! (UK)

II Lobst3r IIII Lobst3r II Posts: 16Member Rookie
edited September 2017 in Recruitment (Xbox)
EarthQuake Esports are a new Rainbow Six Siege ESL team, and we are looking for highly skilled players to add to our roster. As a team we are looking for players that are able to communicate well and listen to/develop strats. We are a mature side, and won't be accepting people that strike us as immature. Practice makes perfect, and to become one of the top teams in R6 we want to practice regularly in both ranked (after update) and in scrims against other teams to try out our strats, and then further develop them based on what needs improving. We will be looking to enter as many tournaments as possible as we feel this will be the best way to improve and gain experience together as a side.


We have a few requirements you must fulfill before trialing for our side.


Rank - Platinum/Diamond

Availability - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays (These days will be tournaments/practice. Days will change based upon training, so it is likely you'll be needed more frequently)

Be mature - If you get asked to do something, don't be a child and kick off if you don't get your own way, you'll only be asked to do something if the leaders think it will benefit the side.

Download DISCORD APP - It will be used for communication between the team so we have a way of contacting everyone besides XBOX.

If you fit the criteria then message me on XBOX, stating which operators you main, your availability and a little bit about your playstyle.

GT: SmokeyLobster69


  • II Lobst3r IIII Lobst3r II Posts: 16Member Rookie
    BUMP - Some players went inactive, so we're recruiting again. PM me your details on Xbox, need solid players PLAT/Diamond, or Plat+ in Operation Health.
  • ViBe PhenomenonViBe Phenomenon Posts: 7Member Rookie
    I am an Ex Comp player i have alot of comp exp and i am willing to play on your team and be at every tornament and practice My Gamertage is DDPro65 if you wanna talk my skill level is a Diamond but i was a plat last seasion im being a truefull person msg me back Sincerly also im 17 almost 18 im very mature.
  • II Lobst3r IIII Lobst3r II Posts: 16Member Rookie
    BUMP - After taking the time to trial our applicants we still have two places available.

    Positions needed:
    1x Support role/Anchor
    1x Slayer/Entry fragger
  • KLawKLaw Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Yo, i want to talk with you but im currently chat banned on xbox...
    Can i contact you on E-mail or in some other way?
    my email is

  • KLawKLaw Posts: 2Member Rookie
    and my gamertag on xbox is : KLaw ll OmA
  • II Lobst3r IIII Lobst3r II Posts: 16Member Rookie

    Must be available every Tuesday and Sunday for tournaments (if you are needed). You must be versatile as your role within the squad will be changing due to absence of other players in the squad. Be prepared to answer messages at short notice!
  • II Lobst3r IIII Lobst3r II Posts: 16Member Rookie
    BUMP - More positions available, message me for details. NO TIME WASTERS, make sure you're available for tournaments, and practice.
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