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Kings ladder vs Titans Ladder

PhoenixPhoenix Member Posts: 2 Rookie
What's the difference in Kings Ladder vs Titans Ladder? Can you play team matches in both?


  • PhoenixPhoenix Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    This is in reference to clash royale
  • Zapping StrikeZapping Strike SwitzerlandMember Posts: 870
    Hello Phoenix,

    The Clash of Titans Ladder Global in Clash Royale is an open ladder with no prizes, and no season. The King's Ladder Global on the other hand is a Ladder Series with a 1.000 Euro prize pool! Both ladder you can play at any time whenever you like, we do recommend you to play the King's Ladder because it has more players, so it's easier to get matched.

    If you have any further questions, let us know!

    Best regards,
    Zapping Strike
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